• Where we are in the sea of electromagnetic radiation?

        Tue, 12 November, 2013 / Publications

        This publication consists of definitions concerning electromagnetic fields (EMF), life in EMF radiation with large range of frequencies and intensities; natural sources of EMF radiation; artificial sources and technologies, etc.

        Here, introduction in mobile communication technology is included, as well.

        Several frequently asked questions are discussed, as follows:

        -      What is the difference between hazard and risk?

        -      How the World Health Organization (WHO) take care for the protection of the people exposed to EMF?

        -      Is there any risk concerning EMF exposure from base stations for mobile communication?

        -      The Bulgarian legislation in the field of EMF exposure to the public? A comparison with the European legislation…

        -      Is there any link between base stations’ emission and cancer?

        (more details are available in Bulgarian)

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