• “Dangerous for your health” madness in two TV presentations “For coffee”

      Tue, 12 November, 2013 / Truths

      In two TV presentations, on 27 December 2010, and 3 January 2011 г., at the time of the transmission “For coffee”, we have witnessed exceptional nonsenses which literally humorous, and also “dangerous for the public health” because they manipulate the public opinion.


      The topics are the followings:

      Baking popcorn with GSM cellphones;

      Microwave radiation from GSM phones has the photon energy to ionize the biological tissue;

      Food in microwave oven is very dangerous, and we should throw by the window all microwave ovens.

      All these wrong questions are discussed by a specialist in “holistic Medicine”, with very confused knowledge in the field of biology, medicine, biophysics, etc.

      (more details in Bulgarian)


      Bulgarian National

      Programme Committee (BNPC)

      on non-ionizing radiation protection

      International EMF Project, WHO

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