• Meeting BNPC, 2-3 December 2012 Ognyanovo village, Hotel "DELTA"

      Mon, 3 December, 2012 / Events


      OF MEETING BNPC, 2-3 December 2012

      Theme of the meeting:

      "New tendencies in the EMF legislation, regarding the exposure of general public. Health risk and developments in risk communication. " 

      The meeting was attended by:

      Members of BNPC; representatives of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences; South-West University "St. Ivan Rilski" Varna Municipality representatives, representatives of operators, "Mobiltel" Cosmo Bulgaria Mobile "," Vivakom ,"National board of "Radio and television stations" (NURTS) Bulgaria; Representatives of the companies' AB Engeneering VG60 "AB" Metronome ", " KaBITS ", "CEG", "ADI" "Bulgakam"; "Egnatia O.Bulgaria" "ABCom"; guests.

      There were two presentations of Prof. Israel concerning the EMF legislation for the general public, health risk and risk communication and some inovations in the legislation regarding occupational.  Eng. Kaltchev D. Eng. Al. Ivanov made a presentation of the new spectum analyzer of “NARDA”. There were made practical measurements and it was demonstrated how to find  unknown source of electromagnetic field.

      The discussion were about health risk and developments in risk communication. There were clarified the problems concerning the documents for the preliminary control of EMF sources. The representatives of operators unanimously asked to be notified about any of the problems that arise in imported files by their subcontractors. Notification has to be done by email immediately upon detection of the problem in order the correction to be made on time. Prof. Israel expressed its satisfaction for the good cooperation with the leadership of the Ministry of Health and explained some of the problems associated with the processing the documents for the preliminary control of EMF sources. He noted the need for rapid implementation of the EU requirements in the EMF legislation and explain that the Ministry of Health strongly supported the proscess of implementation the emf legislation in the last two years.

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