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      Foundation “Faraday” – Research Centre of Non-Ionizing Radiation is created in 1994 with the idea to join together the efforts of the scientists dealing with health and safety of workers and general population exposed to non-ionizing radiation and electricity. The Foundation joins about 20 scientists mainly working for the National Centre of Public Health and Analysis (NCPHA), Medical universities (in towns Sofia, Varna, Pleven), Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS), as well.

      Foundation “Faraday” is a basis of the Bulgarian National Programme Committee (BNPC) on Non-Ionizing Radiation (NIR), created by the Ministry of Health in 1997 within the International Project "Electromagnetic Fields", World Health Organization (WHO), aiming to investigate and evaluate the health risks from electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and ultraviolet (UV) exposure on human. The main Bulgarian specialists from the health care system, scientists, industry, broadcasting and communications, administration, control bodies, university professors, media, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and others working in this area of knowledge are members of BNPC.

      The Foundation participates in joint projects with WHO, European Union (SEE-ERA.NET, EMF-NET and others), the European Organization of Research and Development of US Air Force (EOARD), US air force project “Standards harmonization…”, NATO Project “Dosimetry Handbook” and others.

      The Foundation supports activities for decreasing the electromagnetic exposure to workers and general population through providing high quality measurements, real time monitoring, assessment of human exposure to EMF and optical radiation, training of specialists from control bodies, occupational health services, companies and firms dealing with measurement, proposing protective measures, and integrating scientific research.

      By applying the programme for risk communication and risk management developed by specialists from NCPHA in collaboration with BNPC concerning EMF human exposure, the Foundation contributes the decreasing of the fears amongst the population connected with health consequences caused by new technologies, energetic, wireless communication, medical equipment and others, through education and training, regional meetings and discussions, brochures, media.

      The Foundation co-ordinates research studies at national level through implementation of the European and WHO policy for investigating the gaps in science concerning the health risk for humans exposed to non-ionizing radiation.

      Last, but not least, the Foundation supports the development of international exposure limits and standards for human exposure to non-ionizing radiation through direct participation of their members in workshops of the European Commission, international organizations (IEEE, BEMS, ACGIH), technical committees, scientific forums and others, and by implementation of the European legislation in our country through activities for development  the national legislation and by direct participation in the workshops organized by the government. 


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        Address:Bulgaria, Sofia,
        15, „Ekzarh Yosif” str.,
        Shalom building,office 3
        Phone: +359 2 80 56 353
        +359 2 80 56 353

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